Bobbin Holder Family

The universal bobbin holders from IDEAL are suitable for bobbins of all sizes. The improved trip mechanism and self lubricating bearing make them far superior in performance ensuring longevity.

  • Pioneers in manufacturing Ball Bearing Bobbin Holders (BBH) in technical collaboration with M/s. White Head Die Casting Co., USA.

  • Unbreakable robust body

  • More advanced internal braking system

  • Bearing Concealed against fluff and dust

  • Suitable for all applications : Cotton, Synthetic and wool.

  • Most Modern manufacturing units supported by captive Tool Rooms.

  • O.E. Suppliers to machinery manufacturers in India and abroad.

Bobbins & Yarn Carriers

  • Unmatched Quality
    IDEAL is the 1st Choice of more than 500 Spinning Mills. We export our yarn carriers to technically advanced contries… A living proof our quality.

    Range :

Special surface finish for Spinning special quality yarns

Perforated Cones / Perforated Dye Cheese

Poly Carbonate ring spinning tubes with wear resistant hard bush and stainless steel ring

All types of simplex bobbins

Special quality Ring Spinning / Doubling tubes for steam conditioning yarn

Wide range of attractive colors

Lappet Hooks - Thread Guide eyelets

IDEAL offers thread Guides for all the yarn spun

  • The selection of perfectly balanced elements and optimized geomentry leads to perfect yarn running conditions in the eyelet

Abrasion Resistance

Due to the abrasion resistance against fibers an optimal performance is achieved.

IDEAL guide elements are characterized by an Ideal hardness.

In other words: Hard enough to resist and smooth enough to protect.

Long Life Time

Several factors such as abraison resistance, Tufftrided or Hard Chrome plated surface and optimized geometry ensure the extended life time of IDEAL Guides.

To avoid premature wear of the Thread Guides IDEAL condition the eyelet.

Tufftriding is the most commonly applied treatment to improve the quality service life.

Product portfolio

Wide portfolio of IDEAL Thread Guides for all applications and machine types.

For Your Benefit

Our products portfolio ensures your pucrchase from one source.

We offer both relevant componets for the perfect yarn balloon: ABC Rings and

Thread Guides.

ABC Rings (Balloon Breakers)

IDEAL offers thread Guides for all the yarn spun

  • Yarn guide and balloon Breaker – anti ballooning ring – together control the yarn balloon. As the name implies, the balloon breaker has the assignment to limit the balloon to reduce the yarn tension.

    The up and down movement of the ringrail gives a cyclic change in the balloon length during spinning. This leads to varying yarn tension. Balloon breakers have a relevant influence on the reduction of the variation.

    For Your Benefit
    Our product portfolio ensures your purchase from one source the vital performance influencing components: yarn guide and balloon breakers for a perfect yarn balloon.

Precise Form

IDEAL Balloon Control Ring guarantee highest accuracy.

Long Life Time

The choice of materials and the process for the IDEAL Balloon Control Ring guarantees high wear protection on the constant level.

Product Profile

The wide portfolio of IDEAL Balloon Control Rings ensures the availability of all required forms and sizes for every application and machine type.

Loom Temples

IDEAL – Temple Cylinders

  • Since the establishment of IDEAL Group in 1956, we are engaged in providing quality products and service to the textile industry.
  • We started manufacturing Ring Temple cylinders in technical collaboration with G.Hunziker AG, Switzerland.
  • Temple Cylinders are available for all the brands and models of weaving looms like.Ruti-B, Ruti-C, Picanol, Sulzer, Dornier, N P, Somet, Vamatex, Tsudakoma, Toyoda.
  • Suitable for all types of fabrics from Fine, Medium, Coarse to industrial fabrics, Terry Towels etc.
  • Customised temples are available to meet specific requirements.
  • If you have a problem in choosing a suitable temple, send us a 10X10cm fabric with selvedge giving Reed / Pick ratio to enable us to suggest the right temple.
  • IDEAL has the most modern manufacturing units supported by captive tool rooms & specialised machinery.


Complete spares available such as body rings, selvedge rings, elliptical bushes, inner head (plain as well as threaded) synthetic rubber rollers and dummy rings.

  • Rings available with pin height 0.1mm to 2.5mm.
  • Rings with stainless steel needles for special application are also available.
  • Needles available normal or blunt.

Spindle Driving Pulley

The present version of spindle driving pulley is fundamentally improved in structure and overall construction considering the disadvantages of the conventional spindle driving pulleys. The pulley is made of poly carbonate filled glass fibre reinforced ABS which makes it lighter as well as robust. The solid hub and 3 Allen Screws provided at 120 deg. ensure balanced fixing on the driving shaft. The dynamically balance tested pulley Weighs barely 400gm.

Face width reduced to the optimum requisite level with flanged sides to help to draw less air while in motion. This will generate less air turbulence at the sub structure.

The reduced face width :

  • Draw less air towards the vicinity of the driven spindle.
  • Draw less fluff and dust towards the spinning area which otherwise would result in increased end breakage.
  • Reduced presence of full and short fiber at the spinning area will ensure that the fluff and short fibers does not get entangled with the spun yarn.
  • Less air turbulence reduce noise level of the frame making working condition better suited
  • Less air dragging and light weight together save power.

In a modernised textile spinning mills this invention has utility value at quality of making the end product – yarn more competitive at the same time saves energy.